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Vengeance, Anger, Malice, bitterness, etc are natural feelings especially when we feel hurt or deeply affected by certain causes. However, these feelings are poisonous and could completly ruin our chances of happiness and even right standing, and most times, if we allow them naturally control us, we totally worsen the situation.

Controling these feelings may prove difficult, but very achievable and in fact, safer and much healthier for us. Refuse to respond to the immediate voices of hate and revenge raging in your head, refuse to allow that pain weaken your heart. For me, the most effective therapy for handling such deep hurts, has been speaking to the Holyspirit about it, and even though it initialy feels, like He just remained silent and unresponsive, i eventually felt His leading . And truth be told, it can be really difficult to follow the leading not to take any rash action in response to the hurt, but in the end , it eventually turns to be the best decision made .



2 thoughts on “DEALING WITH DEEP HURTS …

  1. Thank you so much, for adding your thoughts, it’s good to hear a practical testimony of an experience with forgiveness , and you also added another great way, looking for the best in others, to help you better see them in the eyes of love rather than their wrongs.
    Thanks a lot.


  2. I agree! I recently had to deal with a very negative person but it had been going on for over a year. Everytime I would forgive this person, she would say something cutting to upset me.
    I decided finally to search for something really nice about her to like and also to count my blessings and lo and behold, I actually was able to get past it and she no longer affects me.
    I enjoyed reading this post.

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