Summer-Ice World

For many women and men alike, the identity of a woman is a long questioned confusion. Who she truly is? What’s about her multi-faceted personality, What she is capable of? Her place in the strangling competitive world of success? Etc… I hope this article helps to answer all or some of such questions. Its a lenghty but very insightful article written by ……………… But don’t skip, lend out some minutes into this illumination or maybe even, strong reminder.




It could be dificult for a man to understand how
women think, act and innovate unless  he has been
closely influenced by the women in his life. I’ve
learned that women may process things differently
and in their own terms. Fortunately for me, I’ve
been influenced by great women who made me
appreciate their approach towards leadership. I’ve
grown to understand their decision-making
processes, the dynamics and subtleties of…

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