Clareta Haddon-Jackson has not limited herself to just being an incredible vocalist born into a well known gospel musical family “The Haddon’s”. She has proven that her ability to write, co-produce and act are as much a part of her artistic expression as her singing! First timers and fans alike tell of her amazing stage presence, admitting publicly that talent like hers only comes once in a lifetime. Comparing their view of her to that of the world famous, Tina Turner with her skill to capture an audience, Prince with her ability make any musical style her own; and even Michael Jackson with her fearless creativity in fashion and production. These attributes are accompanied by her amazing vocal talent and range!

claretta and deitrick haddon
Clareta was an artist and writer with “Mr. Porter Productions”, a progressive production company headed by the well known and accomplished music producer/artist, Denaun “ Mr. Porter” Porter. (Porter is also known as “Kon Artis” , of the multi-platinum world-renowned rap group “D12”). Shortly after being signed Clareta landed features on tracks with heavy weight artists such as Ludacris & Eminem, proving she has what it takes to hold her own and rock and roll with the best in the industry.
Clareta is working to obtain roles in films, television, and music making placements on many major projects. Along with moving forward as the CEO of StageLife Productions where she writes, produces music, and shows along with her husband. StageLife Productions has been blessed to join forces with Tyscot Records. The anticipation of her solo project is creating a major buzz! Clareta also works alongside her husband in ministry at Kingdom Culture Church, and is a full time motivational speaker. Her ministry is often compared that of very well known speakers such as Jaunita Bynum, Jackie McCullough, Dorinda Clark-Cole, and her mother Joyce Haddon. clarewtta haddon ..



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