T.D. Jakes Responds to Deitrick Haddon’s Challenge to be more Open and stop hiding behind pastoral covering

T.D. Jakes Responds to Deitrick Haddon’s Challenge

*”Preachers of LA” star Deitrick Haddon a pretty outspoken celebrity preacher, challenged other popular pastors to stop hiding behind their cloths and open up their doors , specifically T.D. Jakes, according to HipHollywood.Deitrick-Haddon1“If you are a real person, if you are bringing it for real, you shouldn’t be afraid of this show. Open up your doors, Bishop Jakes! Open up your doors, Creflo Dollar. Open up your doors, Bishop Morton!” he challenged.The reality TV star opened up about why he feels more pastors need to be open and transparent, which is a topic he talks about passionately.

“[The people] have the right to know the real you. I’m not saying you are going to get two worlds because it should be consistent with what you are preaching about,” he said.

He added, “I think the issue here has been [pastors feel] we’re not supposed to show people our humanity; we’re just supposed to show people Jesus.”

Jakes responded to Haddon’s challenged by saying,“I’m a little bit busy; I’m doing movies; I’m doing television; I’ve done talk shows. I’ve pastored to 30,000 people. I think my plate is full,” he said with a smile.

Ain’t that just so mature? Just saying.

Well, it was also gathered that according to Damita Haddon, ex wife of Deitrick Haddon, in an exclusive interview with Path Megazine, “TV never is full reality.” “They make up stuff to make it juicy and get them ratings.”

I personally, didn’t initially fancy the idea of Preachers of L.A. a reality tv show, an American reality television series that premiered October 9, 2013, on Oxygen. Preachers of L.A. chronicles the lives of three bishops and three pastors from their work within the church to their personal lives at home. But, who knows…?

The Oxygen network reality show was controversial even before it aired, with some Christians debating whether the program would harm or help the faith community, while others called for a boycott. One of the major points of consternation for critics was the portrayal of the apparent flashy lifestyles of the ministers involved in the program.

Despite the controversy, “Preachers of L.A.” was a major hit for Oxygen, averaging more than one million total viewers during its eight-episode run that started in Oct. 2013.


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