This God is so full of surprises.

mmn, don’t play with this God o.

While you think He’s sleeping, He’s quietly cooking up things, working wonders. God is so awesome, that no intelligence can ever stand His’ .  I’ve experienced Him in so many ways, so whenever i have a really overwhelming situation, where i scream for Him yet it seems He’s not there, He just quietly reminds me of those times when i thought He had totally abandoned me to my fate, but He later showed up in such a way, that i just Knew He had never left. He was just preparing me for the better.

And even more , is the fact that many times i miss these wonderful packages, because i was too busy feeling bad about my situation, that i didn’t even notice when there had been a significant change. And wonderful though, is that He never takes it away from you, in fact, as many times as you look away, He’l bring it right back in your face, so you can see that He has done it. But you know the enemy’s core goal, is to distract you so much, you don’t even see it when things have moved forward for you. So it’s your number one goal, to just SMILE, and Stay Hopeful! so that when it comes, whether it looks like it or not, you’ll recognize it.




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