Being deliberately excited and grateful for everything you have, sets you up for a happier life.


Life is so full of challenges and daily pursuits, such that if we do not deliberately think graciously about how far we have come and how much we have overcome, and give thanks for them, blessings many times, good things that should make us happy, do show up yet we are left still searching and unhappy.
Many times, life doesn’t give us what we want, just in the exact frame we imagined it would come, but we get answered prayers in various camouflages. Sometimes this camouflaged actually seem very much like added trouble but they aren’t. We just need to recognize our good even amidst all, be courageous, seek wisdom, take leaps of faith, and be grateful for it. Totally thankful and appreciative, enjoying every moment, while looking forward for better and better.
When we don’t, we get the least of  our chances, when we do, we maximize and get the best of our chances.
Have a spectacular sail on a journey of life-long happiness.

From a heart that is very certain Jesus Cherishes you.


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