THe WAR Within. {Summer-Ice poems}

THe WAR Within.



The blaze of the heat,
And the bangs of the beat,
The ruffles of the leaves,
Cascading through the wind,
I  can hear the fleets,
Even amidst thunderstorms
I can feel the heat,
Through noisy rays aglow,
Rolling and whirling,
Blowing and circling,
Like a lousy whirlwind,
Was the state of my mind,
Emotions undefined,
Turning and tossing,
I just knew i might be sinking,
Time and chance not permitting a breathe,
And just at a passing light,
I sight a glimpse of light
I see it, yes i see it.
I wish to reach for it
But the noise in my head grows louder and darker
I know but yet i go,
Through paths with ends i dread
And with a loud cry i yelled for help
To The only One i know,
I wasn’t  sure of anything,
Except that He was there for me
As always ,I only needed a stretch
and He’s always there to catch me.
– Summer-Ice…

Depression is a speedy killer, a subtle thief

       Don’t let it have even the tiniest of you.

       Look in the face of your worries,

      And smile so deeply

From a heart that is very certain Jesus Cherishes you.


2 thoughts on “THe WAR Within. {Summer-Ice poems}

  1. yes that’s right.Thanks for expressing your thought. i really apreciate it.
    i know how the struggle with depression feels and it really is a deadly poison, i hope for all, the strength to believe and hope against all odds, in the truth that saves.
    Thanks again, hope you come around more often.
    all the best and more!


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