The NOT-SO-COOL things we do on Social Media that We think are Cool


; The not-so-cool things we do on social Media .
Social media has become a very active part of our lives that has its numerous gains as well as its pains. It allows for self expression in almost limitless ways. However, some of us, are getting it so wrong. We get so addicted to showing off all our bright sides, even to the point of parading fake lives, just to impress the very people who really don’t care. Truth be told, those who really care about us, are not so  fascinated by all the empty noise we make and all the fake, unending selfies we scatter all around social media. Let’s take a look at some.

They may love pictures of you or whatever you’re showing. But posting a new picture, status
update or article every 2minutes of every day is just too much.
Remember, less is more. Posting constantly and filling up your
friends’ news feeds is a big no-no. A  sizeable number of posts a day is just fine. Before you post so many
times, consider waiting until another day.
Also, Your friends will
appreciate the summary version of your post much better
than the novel form coming in numerous numbers.  Except you have a really good message to pass across in such way that can’t be summarized.

  1. SELFIES;  Posting numerous selfies on a regular basis is just something u need to take a long break from. Except of course you’re trying to market yourself in a certain light.  You
    can be proud of your outfit and the way you look, but when you
    post highly filtered selfies every day, it displays a lack of self-
    confidence and desperate need for approval.
    Your friends are here to help and validate you.  But please, keep the selfies to a
    minimum. Frankly, you are beautiful, gorgeous, handsome, and you don’t need people’s approval or comments to be who you are.
    Once a while, stand back, give the camera to someone else, and have them
    take pictures of you living life with the people you love around you. You don’t have to be all dressy all the time. There is
    something refreshing and wonderful about a picture like that. One that truly captures real moments worth the memories.
  2. Be True;
    We want to cheer for you, your family, and your successes.
    Sharing joy is just another great aspect of social media.
    But, nobody’s life is perfect. Don’t be afraid to be your true self
    online. Share the good moments, and let people support you
    during the hard ones. Social Media is a great place to get support
    during difficult times.
    Nothing feels better than knowing someone else is going
    through the same thing as you. But please don’t over -do it { I think u know what I’m talking about}
  3. Keep off the trash talk, and provocative posts. PLEASE…
    Please keep the trash off of the internet. Don’t post pictures , articles, shares, or use words that someone would be embarrassed to see, or they
    would be embarrassed for their children or boss to see.
    There is almost nothing more self-degrading. Your posts tell a lot about you, and this can make or mar you, your career or whatever opportunities life plans to offer you through social media platforms.
  1. Name calling;
    Everyone appreciates a good debate, and Social media is an
    excellent platform to share your thoughts and opinions – but
    please, please, please don’t get sucked in to useless name
    Let’s face the facts: No two people are going to have the exact
    same opinions and beliefs on every subject. Just because
    someone thinks differently, doesn’t mean they are
    uninformed or dumb.
    If you’re going to have at it in the comments, make sure you
    are respectful, kind and prudent. If they sink to low levels, you
    don’t need to join them. Know when to stop and protect you
    Note: Before you post , comment or share anything on social media, consider the implications of the innate message you may be passing across indirectly or directly. POST WISELY.

       Excerpts from; Information Nigeria.
From a heart that is very certain Jesus Cherishes you.


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