Lady Wisdom


20-21Lady Wisdom goes out in the street and shouts.

At the town center she makes her speech.
In the middle of the traffic she takes her stand.

At the busiest corner she calls out:
22-24″Simpletons! How long will you wallow in ignorance?
Cynics! How long will you feed your cynicism?
Idiots! How long will you refuse to learn?

About face! I can revise your life.
Look, I’m ready to pour out my spirit on you;

I’m ready to tell you all I know.
As it is, I’ve called, but you’ve turned a deaf ear;

I’ve reached out to you, but you’ve ignored me.
25-28″Since you laugh at my counsel
and make a joke of my advice,
How can I take you seriously?

I’ll turn the tables and joke about your troubles!
What if the roof falls in,

and your whole life goes to pieces?
What if catastrophe strikes and there’s nothing

to show for your life but rubble and ashes?
You’ll need me then. You’ll call for me, but don’t expect

an answer.
No matter how hard you look, you won’t find me.
29-33″Because you hated Knowledge
and had nothing to do with the Fear-of-God,
Because you wouldn’t take my advice

and brushed aside all my offers to train you,
Well, you’ve made your bed—now lie in it;

you wanted your own way—now, how do you like it?
Don’t you see what happens, you simpletons, you idiots?

Carelessness kills; complacency is murder.
First pay attention to me, and then relax.
Now you can take it easy- you’re in good hands.
From {prov 1, The Message }

From a heart that is very certain Jesus Cherishes you.


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