Wonders ; Baby Girl Born
‘ Pregnant ’ With Twins

A baby girl born in Hong Kong was found to be ‘pregnant’ with
Chinese mainland parents in Queen Elizabeth Hospital had to
undergo surgery at just three weeks old to remove them.
The foetuses, 8 to 10 weeks gestated, had legs, arms, a spine,
rib cage and intestines. Both were also covered in skin.
One weighed 14.2 grammes and the other 9.3 grammes – and
each had an umbilical cord.
The surgery was successful and the girl was discharged from
hospital eight days later.
The extraordinary medical marvel was detailed in the latest
issue of the Hong Kong Medical Journal.
The condition, known as foetus in foetu occurs in just one in
500,000 births in the world. Less than 200 cases have ever
been reported.
Dr Yu Kai-man, a specialist in obstetrics and gyneacology,
believes it is the first documented case in the city.
He said: “It was almost impossible to detect during the
prenatal check-up, as the embryo inside the baby was too
small,” said Yu, a former professor at Chinese University of
Hong Kong.
“Since it is impossible for the little girl to have conceived the
pregnancy on her own, the fertilisation of the twin fetuses, of
course, belongs to her parents, which has gone to the wrong
The report said the reason behind the abnormality, which
happened when the girl was born in 2010, is still unknown, and
that the World Health Organisation classified it as a type of
But it suggested it was possibly linked to the mother having
multiple abortions.
“The widespread use of antenatal ultrasound in early gestation
may provide more concrete evidence … and shed light on this
intriguing condition,” the report said.

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