Life’s ships…

I wrote this poem sometime last year in the midst of deep thinking, after one of those moments… And it has really helped me.  Please, Take a few minutes to read. You just never know…



LIFE’S Ships.

Roll in the dice,
Break in the Ice,
Turn in the spice,
And let us device
A means to reverse
The scars from vices,
Of relationships,
Every ship that has left us sore.

Truth be told,
Human relationships,
Could be a hard nut to crack,
But we must never forget,
That from every story,
Of faces seen, hands shaken,
Or bodies hugged,
There’s always a lesson
Meant for our good,
As an aid to every next level,
As a juice to our entire life’s story,
And the fulfillment of the purpose
For which we live.

So LOVE &Forgive,
With endless hope,
For that’s the Excellent way.

From a heart that is very certain Jesus Cherishes you.


Your opinion could be the ICE breaker, so please do leave a comment.

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