The Baker…

The Baker


I once knew a baker,

So skilled she never slipped.

Her tale was known to many,

Within her clan, and far and wide

And then one day came the guest

Who had heard about her prowess

And had come from far to see.

She was so thrilled and honored by the visit

And was prepared to show her best

The finest of her recipes

She reserves for royalty.


And so she mixed and whisked

Until she was sure it was perfect

And into the fiery oven,

she dashed in her pan

And conversed with her guest,

in the living room she owned,

While they waited for her best.


Minutes passed, and seconds rolled

And finally, the oven bleeped

Alas! To the kitchen, she ran.


She stood a while on her feet

Wondering if someone had stolen In through the backdoor

To switch her pan for another

For the one before her eyes,

Was nothing as expected

So unattractive, it stared at her.

She looked even closer

To be sure she was seeing right

For the one beneath her nostrils

Was nothing as expected.

So foul, the aroma stunk .

She forced some unto her tongue anyway

But She couldn’t stand the tears

For the one that touched her tongue,

Was nothing as expected.

So sour her tongue repelled.


She pondered and wondered

What went wrong?, she asked.

And even worse,

what would she tell her guest?

For minutes she stood

Above her kitchen floor she stared.

And just as she worried,

Her guest appeared,

He couldn’t contain,

the stomach anxiety anymore,

For He had waited so long.


She stood there helpless and confused,

While her guest pounced on the meal,

She hadn’t even had the chance to serve.

And as he mouthed down the first,

Her speechless mouth sprang open,

Her fear filled eyes popped.


Her confusion exploded

When he winked a smile

And held her so dearly

Like a treasure long searched for.


Years have passed since her guest’s visit,

But her story has never been the same,

An experience that spread her fame

To great castles, some nobles never dared

For she learnt for all her generations,

That from the Best can come the Worst,

And from the Worst can come the Best.

– Summer-Ice…



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